OSAB Trade (OT)

Commitment & Honesty

A tradition of TRUST

SMLS CSG, TBG & Line Pipes
Ni. & Ni. Alloys Tubes, Pipes, Plates, Sheets,
Strips, Bars, Rods & Forgings
Heating Element Wires & Strips
Cu. & Cu. Alloys Tube Sheets & Plates
Clad Plates and Dished Heads

OSAB Trade (OT)

10h Nile Str., Giza, Egypt
Phones: +2-02/35700094 & 02/35700095 & 02/35700096 & 0100/6620068
Fax: +2-02/35700001

Email: omar@osabtrade.com

Egyptian SOLE Agent of VDM Metals Int'l GmbH since 1990, ranked Number#1 LARGEST Nickel Mill in the World in 2015

OSAB Trade (OT) was established in 1985, and have since been supplying the EGYPTIAN market with THOUSANDS of tons of the below products (arranged alphabetically)

OSAB Trade (OT) are Agents & Importers of the following products to the EGYPTIAN market:

Clad Plates, which, owing to its unique manufacturing technique, should be supplied in EVEN numbers

Heads, all kinds, all materials including Cladding with Nickel, St.St., Copper & Cu. Alloys

Heating Element Wires & Strips, for industrial furnaces & home appliances

Nickel & Ni. Alloys Sheets, Plates, Discs, Bars, Rods & Strips

OCTG, Casing, Tubing and Line Pipes

Seamless Nickel & Ni. Alloys Tubes & Pipes

Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes & Pipes

Tube Sheets & Tube Plates, made out of Copper & Cu. Alloys

Tube Sheets & Tube Plates, made out of Nickel & Ni. Alloys

U-Tubes (Bends)